Free Bird Media has recently dug up some some rather disturbing information when it comes to the history of the Trudeau government and their involvement with Mr. George Soros of the Open Society Foundations.

Quoting from the Government of Canada website, Alex van Hamme has uncovered the official press release which claims: “The Government of Canada, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the Open Society Foundations have agreed to launch a joint initiative aimed at increasing private sponsorship of refugees around the world…”

For anyone who is familiar with Mr. Soros, this should come as no surprise. For anyone familiar with former liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff’s position on the global board of the Open Society Foundations this should come as no surprise. For anyone familiar with the involvement of one of Soros’ organization’s most notable grantees (the Tides organization) with Trudeau’s campaign, this should come as no surprise (they donated a whopping 1.5 million to Justin and another 6 million to fund parties against Harper and tip the scales in the 2015 election). But the truth is that not many people are familiar with these things, and if they were, they would begin to realize how duplicitous these things are.

Don’t let his status as one of the wealthiest men in the world dissuade you too much, George Soros is very much a radical ideologue. He pushes for a social model based on the idea of opening up societies to whichever groups are excluded, often indiscriminate of whether they should even be included. Soros has even backed nationalists in the Ukraine, however, this was most likely because they were a revolutionary force against Putinism. Usually Soros is against nationalism, which is why he promotes open borders, and which is why he has been labeled as an outlaw in Hungary. This tendency gives him an “in” into almost every nation-state, as he encourages the various subgroups of the masses to turn against the elites who maintain their nation. He also backs groups like Antifa and BLM, who engage in violent protests.

Soros, like many Neoconservatives who seek to spread democratic revolution world wide (often through hypocritical means), is ultimately a believer in what is a very Menshevik and Trotskyist ideology, one which seeks to perpetuate the revolutionary status of any group against those who would preserve the order of another. With that being said, this is a tendency that is offset by his Neoliberal streak, and in the tradition of Hayek, his ideal of the open society finds a new place in Hayek’s desire to destroy “the Princely state” and “decentralize management”. Soros is a rather successful capitalist in this respect, and often claims that he is able to engage in the kind of subversive funding and subversive dumping schemes that he pursues because a more open market “lets him do it”.

It is no wonder Hungary has labeled him as a criminal and nationalized their industries. When the U.S.S.R. let its guard down under Gorbachev’s “Perestroika and Glasnost”, there is speculation that Soros was backed by the CIA to start hiking prices, dumping currency and shares, and funding subversives. His dumping schemes have also earned him the label of having broken the banks of London, and he is also labeled as a criminal in Indonesia, among other countries.

Soros thrives off of creating unity in revolutionary conflict and funding terror by manipulating the excessively competitive and speculative nature of open markets. His ultimate goal is a society with elections open to anyone, no borders, markets open to anyone (no barriers to entry), and free speech permitted for anyone to say anything except those who would say things that censor others. Sounds contradictory, right? You’d be correct to think so, but this contradiction has been passed off under the label of “Popper’s Paradox” for the past few decades.

This paradox, though arguably more of a contradiction or a falsidical paradox (a judgement that reaches a contradictory conclusion premised on flawed reasoning), claims that tolerance is defined by intolerance towards the intolerant, and as a result it is the obligation of the tolerant man to be intolerant of the intolerant.

Not only does this judgement fail to define tolerance in terms of tolerability or finding things tolerable, but fails to see the inherent relationship between tolerability and intolerability given the nature of a tolerance threshold. Just as we are tolerant towards what is tolerable, we are intolerant towards what is intolerable.

Like the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle), UPB (Universally Preferable Behaviour) and many other moral systems based in the victim complex of slave morals, this judgement is predicated on the idea that violence is justified against violence while closing one eye to the unavoidable and inherent nature of force and power. Popper himself was quite averse to the power of authority while hypocritically trying to use the power of a kind of moral authority which could tear down the strong and sovereign, and Soros is very much the same in this respect.

These people wield a backwards kind of moral authority, predicated on perpetuating weakness instead of using power to cultivate unity and strength. They lack true prerogative and a true sense of inner rank, and they appeal to the debased and demoralized tendencies of the masses instead of holding them to the higher standard required to sustain their needs and accomplish great feats.

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Maurice Porter

Located in Ontario, Canada, Maurice Porter is a journalist who focuses on history and current through a Nationalist lens. Having attended university in Waterloo, Porter studied history, politics, and philosophy from a Occidentalist approach. Maurice manages the MacDonald Institute and wrote the MacDonald Mandate, which is currently being used by the Canadian Nationalist Party.