The Red Ensign has obtained information of CBC’s response to the recent cease and desist demand send by the Canadian Nationalist Party regarding their coverage of the political function at the Belgian Club on July 28th, 2018.

Farid Muttalib of CBC Legal Counsel claims defense of absolute truth, stating that ‘With respect to the characterization of the CNP as “white nationalist,” we consider this statement to be defensible as fair comment insofar as it is a statement of opinion based on true facts. As you know, the CNP emphasizes the importance of Canada’s European (white) founding peoples, calls for an end to multiculturalism, and calls for “citizenship requirements to be returned to founding criteria.”’

In response to the letter, Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron told The Red Ensign that “Our platform since the very first day has included people other than Europeans. Believe it or not, but desiring to maintain the demographic character of a European-based country is not white nationalist nor is it a racist policy.”

The demographic policy of the Canadian Nationalist Party listed on their website intends to “maintain the demographic status of the current European-descended majority”. It remains a subject of debate if this stance could be considered “white nationalist”.

Truth is indeed an absolute defense of defamation in Canadian courts. However, it remains unclear if the statements made by CBC are indeed true or provable in a formal legal proceeding.

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Frank Davies

Frank Davies is a reporter and journalist covering Canadian politics and international relations for The Red Ensign.