Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Since his election in 2015, Justin Trudeau has done absolutely nothing for the average Canadian family. Instead, what his Liberal Government have done is systematically introduced new forms of taxation on the already-overburdened Canadian people in an attempt to erase the middle class and create a communist-style dictatorship. Aided by a blatantly false media narrative, it seems there is nothing this man can do that is grounds for a vote of non-confidence from our Governor General, Julie Payette (who conveniently was also placed there by Trudeau).

Our Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, is the very anti-thesis of the type of man who should be serving in such a position. As Canadians watch their immigration system being taken advantage of by foreigners with known terrorist affiliations, Ralph Goodale insists that the greatest threat to the well-being of our citizens is the “rising tide of white supremacy”.

Our Minister of Border Security, Bill Blair (who currently resides over a non-existent border), looks feverishly and zealously for any excuse whatsoever to call for a ban on handguns. The only thing more crooked than Bill Blair’s smile are his intentions for the law-abiding, family-oriented, patriotic firearm owner.

The youngest and up-and-coming generation of Canadians look on with dismay as their Prime Minister spends over ten times his allotted budget and in doing so quite literally steals their future, in many instances on projects which have nothing to do with our country whatsoever. Even so, this government demands that Canadians pay roughly 42% of their salary in the form of taxation with new forms of taxation being announced on a regular basis in an effort to supposedly combat “climate change”.

As Trudeau boots perhaps the last remnants of honesty from his party, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, one must begin to wonder when exactly Canada went from a cohesive, well-oriented ethno-state, to a borderless, multicultural, communist-style dictatorship that is increasingly isolated from the world stage.

As the 43rd Federal Election begins to draw near, rumors surrounding the legitimacy of the government we have here in Canada are beginning to swirl. In the corner-shop cafes and shadowy backrooms of pubs, people of all affiliations are beginning to question the very legitimacy of, not only the Liberal Party and its leader, but the entire spectrum of the Canadian political landscape and the public agencies that are mandated to ensure our government operates with integrity.

How can Canadians be expected to “play by the rules” when the people we are told to follow cannot do so themselves?


Frank Davies

Frank Davies is a reporter and journalist covering Canadian politics and international relations for The Red Ensign.