The following is a written interview between Canadian Nationalist Party Leader Travis Patron and CBC correspondent Dave Seglins:

Dave: Who specifically comprise the ‘parasitic tribe‘ you speak of on your party’s youtube channel?

Travis: They go by many different names. We refer to them simply as the ‘Globalists’ because they conduct their business everywhere while simultaneously calling no place in particular home. This is a characteristic unique to them. They introduce negativity into our lives so as to provide a catalyst whereby we choose how to respond accordingly. Even so, we forgive those who trespass against us. It is really something of a game, and when the curtains draw to a close we recognize each other as age-old friends and have a good laugh.

Dave: Who is it you would “remove…once and for all from our country?”

Travis: We would remove the ‘Globalists’ from our country. We have no use for them.

Dave: Why do you espouse maintaining the “demographic status of the current European-descended majority?”

Travis: Maintaining the demographic character of any country is important because it precedes socio-cultural values. If the demographics of a country change, so too does the cultural fabric of the country. Demographics are destiny.

Dave: Why do you espouse defunding gay pride parades?

Travis: We are nationalists. We believe in the nationhood of our country. A nation is a common ethnic tradition unified by linguistics, lineage, and heritage. A prerequisite for the continuity of our nationhood is that of future generations, progeny, and fertility. These are all things we work to support. In regards to same-sex couples, there is no biological progeny, and therefore a nationalist government would not support such a lifestyle choice by publicly financing it.

Dave: Why do you espouse that normalizing homosexuality and gay marriage are not “acceptable?” (YouTube: “our Prime Minister should not be directly involving themselves in a display such as this {appearing at pride parades} because it sends the message that normalizing
homosexuality is something that is acceptable in this day and age. And I dare say it is not.”)

Travis: Normalization of homosexuality, by promoting the lifestyle through publicly funded infrastructure, is not something that our Prime Minister should be doing because our citizens look to our political leaders for direction and one which leads to self-destruction is counter-intuitive.

Dave: What do you say to critics with the “Anti-Hate Network” who’ve written to Elections Canada demanding the Canadian Nationalist Party be denied official party status on the basis they believe CNP is a hate group espousing “neo-Nazi” ideology?

Travis: To date our party has not said a hateful word, we’ve caused no violence, and we’ve done nothing illegal. Such a complaint is invalid on the grounds that there has been no violation of hate speech laws.

What the so-called “Anti-Hate Network” are doing is not limiting the progress of our movement, but rather, quite the opposite. They are creating curiosity among the public about who and what is being censored. By drumming up baseless complaints against our application to become an eligible party with Elections Canada, what they are truly doing is reinforcing their own brand of desperate, smear-tactic, campaign harassing. They are driving new members to us via a sort of ‘Streisand Effect’. For this, we are grateful.

Any complainant who would overreact to such a degree must see our message as a threat. What is there to hide? If our detractors are so concerned about a mere party looking to compete in Canada’s democracy, then the political activism of such people should be brought into the light rather than hiding behind websites which offer no background on who the activists are or why we should consider them an authority. It seems the “Anti-Hate Network” is hellbent on running around trying to get people charged with hate speech. We’ve seen this previously in our country with campaigners at levels other than federal. It is totally immature.

Dave: What do you say to the complainant to police who alleges that you’ve violated section 318 of the Criminal Code (advocating genocide) and/or section 319 (willful promotion of hatred) by publishing “anti-Jewish hate propaganda?”

Travis: The complainant is misinterpreting my words. They are also misinterpreting my intention. This is not a message of hate, but rather a message of hope.

In order for language to be criminally liable it must be made against an identifiable group. Speech, such as that shown in the video mentioned, uses parables/parody and therefore it is not made against an identifiable group. The complaint has not met the threshold necessary for charges to be lain. Doing otherwise would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

There are no grounds for a legal action of so-called “hate propaganda”. There are also no grounds for deeming our ongoing application with Elections Canada ineligible due to the claims of the complainant.

I would recommend that the complainant familiarize themselves with the story about ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, where the boy made numerous false accusations and thereby violated the trust of the community before a real wolf appeared on the scene. When the real threat presented itself, the community was no longer willing to listen and the boy met his demise.

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