For better or worse, the biggest threat against liberal-democratic nation-states in the West are officials who are non-elected. Today, these officials operate through lobbying within non-governmental organizations that do a fair deal of cooperation with both national and supranational/international governments. One only has to look at the countless thousands of NGOs that work with the UN to see an example of this kind of influence at play. Similarly, here in Canada, one can easily access a registry of hundreds of thousands of NGOs that lobby within our government. Among the many NGOs that influence the government are a few that specifically represent the interests of particular ethnic minorities.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with these peoples pursuing their own right to self determination and seeking representation within the system, one has to recognize the extent to which their interests may or may not be in the best interests of the nation-state at large within which they are lobbying. Currently Canada is investing 15 billion dollars worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, a nation which recently threatened Canada’s Minister of Foreign Relations Christie Freeland over her blunder within a diplomatic dispute. This is while tensions are currently very high between Saudi Arabia and countries like Yemen and Qatar.  Furthermore, Canada has already invested another estimated $ 347 million in Operation Impact in Saudi Arabia and Syria. One has to ask, who is Canada doing this on behalf of?

It is worth noting that, currently, many NATO-EU countries side with both Saudi Arabia and Israel despite tense relations. This foreign policy paradigm, often referred to as the Wahabist-Zionist axis or sometimes the Sunni-Zionist Axis (more generally), places many of the citizens in European and North American nation-states at peril, fighting on behalf of foreign interests. Perhaps the greatest irony that is revealed in this situation relates to the extent to which ISIS and Israel seem to be co-operating, while the West often tends to scapegoat Shi’ite nations like Iraq (formerly), Iran, and Syria for the actions of Radical Sunni terrorism.

In the past few years, Canada has had lobbyists for trade deals with the Saudis (like General Dynamics), we’ve had lobbyists for Saudi and UAE interests against Qatar (like The Foundation for Defense of Democracies), and we’ve had lobbyists on behalf of Israel. In fact, as the reader, I implore you to pull up the website for the registry of lobbies in Canada, go to “search Criteria 1”, select “Keywords – with all the words”, and look up “Israel”. You might be surprised to see just how entrenched the influence of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs is within our system. If you’re wondering whose interests Canada is representing in the Middle-East, look no further than here.

This organization has worked with and supported the Jewish Defense League, an organization which was labeled a terrorist group in the USA, and an organization which has been investigated and faced arrests from violently targeting Nationalists and Palestinian Muslims alike. These threats have gone as far as to even involve attempted bombings. Ironically, the JDL has had a tendency to side with “white nationalists” against Muslims while its allies side with Muslims against “white nationalists”, all the while the two sides are needlessly pitted against one another while being co-opted by Zionist interests.

Seen above are Jewish Defence League leader Meir Weinstein, Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Vice President Noah Shack and B’nai B’rith CEO Michael Mostyn

JDL ally, the CIJA, formerly went by another name. It was known as the Council for Jewish Canadians (or the CJC) led by Bernie Farber. According the Progressive Journalist Yves Engler, Farber himself has a history of:

  •  denying the apartheid in Israel
  •  denouncing protests against 1,000+  Palestinians that were slaughtered by the IDF
  •  opposed an NDP resolution for a boycott of imports from illegal Israeli settlements
  •  aligning with Doug and Rob Ford to ban Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from the pride parade
  •  threatening the York Region District School board by invoking the Ontario Human Rights Commission if it failed to fire a Palestinian-Canadian from its race relations committee
  •  and repeatedly disparaging, suppressing, and excluding fellow Jewish and pro-Palestinian organizations like Independent Jewish Voices and the United Jewish People’s Order.


Moreover, Farber has marched alongside organizations like the JDL at the annual Walk with Israel, despite some of their dubious associations. This would seem to suggest an alliance between Meir Weinstein, the head of the JDL, and Farber.

Furthermore, Farber seems to have trouble with getting some very basic things down-pat, such as:

  •  remembering the name of the Canadian Nationalist Party leader, who Farber refers to as “Trevor” in his interview with CBC
  •  properly filing an application to register his former lobby without typos
  •  issuing anything other than a mild statement of denunciation against the JDL for their terrorist-related activities

For someone who has acted in such an anti-progressive manner, one might be quite surprised to find that Bernie Farber considers himself to be a “Progressive” Zionist. In fact, since his work for the CJC, Farber has started up another organization known as the Canadian Anti-hate Network (or CAN). Right off the bat, one should be surprised by the fact that Amira Elghawaby is on the board of the Canadian Anti-hate Network in light of her role as communications chief with the National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly known as CAIR.CAN, an organization with ties to Hamas. One has to wonder whether this is an attempt on the part of Elghawaby to save face or an attempt on the part of Farber to use Elghawaby as a token gesture to the Muslim community in light of his history of Islamophobia. In many ways, this almost seems to be a mirror reflection of the Sunni-Zionist axis on a microcosmic level.

What B’nai Brith is to the Anti-Defamation League (for more on the ADL, look up “Leo Frank”), the CAN is to the Southern Poverty Law Center (for more on the SPLC, look up Morris Dees), with the only difference being that the CAN has worked with the JDL where the ADL labels them a terrorist organization. Furthermore, it is believed that the CAN has received up to 45 million dollars in funding from the Liberal Party as a consequence of being a non-profit, watchdog organization within their Anti-Racism Initiative. 

The executive director of CAN, Evan Balgord, also has rather dubious associations as well. Above all else, Balgord plays the role of a naive progressive who fails to see how he’s being exploited by Zionist interests (either that or he’s totally on board with what Farber dubs “Progressive Zionism”). Aside from openly identifying and associating with Antifa, a violent group of radical and extremist progressives who are currently being considered for terrorist status in the USA, Balgord also runs an informal organization known as Anti-Racism Canada, the name of which would seem to imply an association with Anti-Racist Action, a North American organization whose members have been charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. Of the numerous articles that mention Meir Weinstein and the JDL on the Anti-Racist Canada blog, you will be hard-pressed to find many (if any) that explicitly condemn him for islamophobia and racism, despite even acknowledging his connections to many organizations ARC deems as “racist” and “white supremacist”. In addition to having worked for John Tory, the conservative mayor of Toronto, Balgord also serves as Vice President of the Canadian Association of Journalists.

What is to be noted here is the extent to which these individuals have an influence both inside and outside of the system. This is important because the CAN has been trying to use law enforcement agencies, state-owned media outlets, government institutions, and the threat of violent, radical extremism as a means of enforcing their agenda. More specifically, the CAN wants to make it so that certain ideologies aren’t eligible to run in the federal election. To quote a CBC article written to defame the CNP while supporting the narrative and interests of CAN (which should come as no surprise in light of Balgord’s position as VP of the CAJ), “Farber says Canada should follow countries like Germany that bar groups promoting anti-democratic views from registering in the political process.” The irony of trying to “bar parties that are anti-democratic” is quite hard to miss…

It was after the CNP issued a video that called out Globalism, that Farber decided he would have the RCMP investigate the video for anti-semitism and hate-speech. Unfortunately, to date, that investigation has not yielded any public statements confirming or denying the allegations of CAN. By coming out of the woodwork screaming “anti-semitism”, Farber has only identified himself as the very type who tries to obfuscate Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism and who conflates Globalism with Judaism, perhaps this says more about his own views on Judaism and Zionism than anything else.

The CAN and ARC have also gone as far as to release the information of (or “dox”) everyone who signed the CNP’s declaration for federal registration upon the party having attained federal eligibility, something they threatened to do before the registration process was completed as a means of deterring members from joining and preventing the party from registering.

What we have here are nonelected, nongovernment, non-for-profit organizations, with a history of representing foreign and radical interests, who have been trying to use law-enforcement agencies (like the RCMP), state-owned media outlets (like the CBC), private media outlets (in light of Balgord and Farber’s connections), policy advocacy, and the threat of radical extremist violence in order to suppress nationalism within a nation-state.

But one shouldn’t fail to realize what is happening here, to reiterate:

A non elected, non government organization is trying to use systemic and radical violence to prevent a political party from exercising its right to register as a party and legitimately run in the electoral process.

In trying to limit the ideological landscape of Canadian politics, organizations like CAN and ARC are effectively turning Canada into a single ideology state, with an ever-dominant, crypto-totalitarian paradigm grounded in the values of social progressivism and economic liberalism…


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Maurice Porter

Located in Ontario, Canada, Maurice Porter is a journalist who focuses on history and current through a Nationalist lens. Having attended university in Waterloo, Porter studied history, politics, and philosophy from a Occidentalist approach. Maurice manages the MacDonald Institute and wrote the MacDonald Mandate, which is currently being used by the Canadian Nationalist Party.