But the CNP and NCA should take some comfort in the fact that, despite being Canada’s most Fringe-Right parties, despite having been censored by big-tech, despite having been suppressed by state-sponsored NGOs and slandered their mainstream media cronies, despite being threatened and assaulted, despite being denied access to public spaces–– they were able to spread their reach and register in this past election. These parties only gained a following and a presence in various districts where they were practically nonexistent. What could start off as 10 voters in one district for one year could easily become 100 in the same district for the next year (provided each voter is able to influence at least 10 other people) and what could start off as 100 one year could easily become 1,000 and so on. This isn't even considering the influence individuals can have on other districts as well! This kind of grassroots growth can become exponential.

In a two-party system, it is easy to ask which party is better while completely forgetting to ask whether both are good to begin with. It is when one begins to ask this question that they can change the entire paradigm... What we need aren’t two sides of the same coin, but a different coin altogether.

So these are the Liberals of today... What should be noted here isn't that the Conservatives are a better option, but that the Liberals are just as bad. If anything, Canadian Nationalists should be hopeful for the rise of a paradigm characterized by the NDP and PPC rather than the Progressive Neoliberalism of today, especially because the Economic Nationalism of the NDP greatly compliments the more National Conservatism of the PPC. It is within a paradigm like this, that there is a lot of populist potential for anyone who finds the point of compromise between Socialist Populism and Nationalist Populism.

Justin Trudeau is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. Since his election in 2015, Justin Trudeau has done absolutely nothing for the average Canadian family. Instead, what his Liberal Government have done is systematically introduced new forms of taxation on the already-overburdened Canadian people in an attempt to erase the middle class and create a communist-style dictatorship. Aided by a blatantly false media narrative, it seems there is nothing

There is a growing alternative movement on the Right in Canada, but... there is much division within this movement. The Right is walking a tightrope between more radical elements and more centrist elements or more implicit elements and more explicit elements. Within this dynamic, the Right must learn how to balance itself. This balancing act must have four parts.

COMER’s most recent appeal for a trial in the Supreme Court of Canada was dismissed. Previously, COMER’s case was shut down on the grounds that Mackenzie King’s expressed intention wasn’t explicit in the preamble of the BOC Act, despite being highly implicit and clearly intended when he nationalized the bank. It is beginning to look like the only way we will see real change in our banking system is on an executive or legislative level as opposed to a judicial one.

Acknowledging the past marginalization of the Jewish peoples throughout history, it must be acknowledged that the Jewish peoples aren’t the only one’s to have suffered their fair share of victimization. Every peoples have conquered and been conquered, and this is what often sets the stage for their existence in the modern world.

So long as a hierarchical collective, with a strong in-group and low-time preference, stays disciplined, regimented, composed, and consolidated, then Golden Ages will last.

Canada is in a position where it is going to need to start to consider an alternative model of self sufficiency in light of imposing reciprocal tariffs on U.S. imports.

One cannot help but get off the bandwagon where Technocracy meets Neoliberalism and Progressivism–– namely, under the merger of the Transnational with the Transracial, and the Transracial with the Transexual, ultimately in order to facilitate a kind of Transhumanism. In such a model, the kind of wealth distribution generated by any technological innovation is directed towards the increasing populations of victimized minorities, who collectively serve as a kind of model for the sort of human that the Progressive Technocrats want to selectively breed.